How to group skaters in battle competition?

Each skater will be grouped according to His ranking at the global ranking table. This method will make all the groups suitable including strong and weak skaters, and competition will be judged fairer, and desperate people will go to higher level groups.According to the number of championships groups consist of 3 or 4 skaters. The top two skaters climb to the next level, but this point is not true everywhere. In each situation, one skater from each group will move to the next level ,depending on the number of skaters and referees opinion, (Relative to the level of the tournament). Racing conditions are the same for all groups. Those skaters who don’t have ranking will be at the end of the table, and will be calculated to determine the group as the last person in ranking. If all or most of the skaters do not have ranking, so referees will group them by lot, so each skater can perform one 30 seconds ran for determination that level. After determination of the level of each skater the main grouping will be start. Each group individually has 1 to 5 minutes to warm up (Depending on the referees opinion). To determine the next level groups after the first run, it is no longer calculate according to the rankings, but depends on the results that the skater obtains in the previous level.
A point: Those two people who will go to the next level from one group, are not able to compete with each other till final.(It means they cannot be in the same group at the next levels unless both reach the final stage) . You can see the group table photo blow, and you can send your questions about the rules of freestyle skating to:

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