what does qualification mean in Battle and classic freestyle competition?

Answer: As we know , those skaters who do not have world ranking in competition known as “qualification”
It means that referee does not know the level of these skaters, so in the battle those skaters who do not have ranking will compete with each other in a different competition, so depend on referee’s opinion from each group one or two skaters can reach the main level. In “qualification” not necessarily two strong skaters with two weaker skaters in one group ,because, the referee is not aware of the level of the skaters and skaters are grouped randomly. They may compete in a group of four strong skaters and two of them will be eliminated, and in the other group four weaker ones compete with each other. In classic part of the competition skaters who do not have a rank randomly perform the first level.Those skaters who have ranking, will perform the first level after them in the order, so that the best rank is the last one

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