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First question: Sometimes in Pair Classic competition one of two skaters does not perform like the other one, and they run two different moves simultaneously.
For example: One performes Foot gun, and the other one perfomes Toegun, does this make a deduction? What are the rules in this situation?
Second question: Should two skaters play in one shape and side or one leg?
As an example: How to performe Snake? Do we have to start with the right leg?
For “Seven” we have to start with the right leg or left leg? What about one perfomes Heel Forward and the other one Toe forward?
At the first point: In Pair Classic competition, two skaters must have one nationality. In general, two players must have an alignment. Doing the same move is not exactly a criterion. Sometimes, based on the creativity of the two skaters, there may be plans that one performes the opposite, but the same move as the other one. It can make a beautiful performance. There may be a right food skater and a left foot skater, so this does not affect the skaters artistic part. If it runs well with an interesting idea it may even have a positive rating. Skaters can use 2 different moves , but from one family, like, both can use sitting but in different levels. In principle, their technique is lowered in the Pair, but it does not affect the artistic Part. Toe Forward and Heel Forward have the same level rating, and they are in a same family. If the referee’s recognition is such that the two skaters exhibited two executive moves with dominance, because of the beauty, one can use Heel and the other one can use Toe, so they do not lose points in the artistic part.
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