About classic freestyle skating

One of the most exciting branches of freestyle skating is “Classic” which has its own rules that we’re going to explain briefly.
Each player delivers a music file of at least 105 to a maximum of 120 seconds to the competition staff before the competition.
The performance starts by playing the music.
The rotational moves must be at least 3 rounds, and in non-turning  ones player must cross at least 4 cones.
Meanwhile, the player must manage his performance in a way that passes through all three rows of cones (at intervals of 50,80,120 cm), and use from all moves of five divided groups including spins, sittings, jumps, wheeling and others.
Losing balance will result in the deduction of points and if it causes falling, depending on the severity the player would lose 3.5-5 points.
Also if the player hits the cones , it results in a half-point deduction and by hitting more than five cones though the player wouldn’t gain the point from the move and would lost another five points.
Falling the player’s accessories like hats and glasses … whether intentional or unintentional  leads to a deduction in points.
The total scores include 50% technique and 50% artistic.
Artistic means technique smoothness, visual beauty, harmony and flexibility with music and good style while creating positive emotions.

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