Grouping players in Battle freestyle

Grouping players is based on their ranking in global ranking table. This method makes the groups based on the players level in order to hold a fair competition and the most qualified players go up to the next level.
According to the number of participants, the groups consist of 3 or 4 players.
The top two players of each group  go up to the next level, but this is not true everywhere as it depends on the number of players and the referees opinion, even it’s possible that only one person goes to the next level (based on the competition level )
The performance conditions are the same for all groups.
Non-ranked players place at the bottom of the table for ranking. If all or most players are non-ranked they do not have all or most of the players in the ranking, the referees will be grouped into groups according to the lottery order for players without ranking, for each person one round 30 Perform a second and determine the surface,
After determining the level, main grouping starts.
Each group has 1-5 minutes of warming depending on the referee’s decision.
For the next competition steps after the first performance all depends on the player’s last results and not the rank.
Two athletes go to the next level from each  group and it’s impossible that these two compete until final means they never going to  be in the same group again unless they both appear in final.

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