Bahareh from Tehran: How many branches does freestyle skating have

Freestyle skating is consists of five branches and speed slalom.
۱٫ Classic: player in a time between 105-120 seconds and based on rules explained before perform his performance with his chosen music.
۲٫ Pair: one of the most interesting branches in which 2 players of the same nationality and same level perform with music.
۳٫ Battle: In this branch which is too popular as explained before players compete in groups in 30 second rounds.
۳٫ Slide: In this branch players group based on their ranks and they compete and each player in each round can use mixed slides or separated ones and get points depends on the slide difficulty and distance.
۴٫ Free Jump: Players go to the next level depending on the jumping height. Each player can jump for two times in one round and the player with highest jump wins.
۵٫ Speed Slalom: The player starts from the distance of 12 meters starting from a box specified for start and the referee’s permission and passes 20 cones with one leg and by each error  ۰٫۲ second adds to the total time and sums up at the end.
Five or more errors means losing the hole round.
We will continue to explain each of  these branches individually.

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