Does passing four consecutive cones result in negative points??

Morteza Moradi:
Does passing four consecutive cones result in negative points? And passing cones without any moves is from which errors?
It’s better to be known that in classic competitions it’s obligatory to use all three rows of cones and pass all cones or else it results in negative score for the player. As for example “Seven” is a high score move from level A that of the most correct ways to do it is passing an imaginary line between two cones. If the player passes the line while doing seven he’s not going to get the points and as we said before he has to uses all technique groups including spins, jumps, wheeling, sitting and others and as he hasn’t gained any points from seven he hasn’t used spins all the cones used for seven is not going to be counted as passed cones.
Passing four or more cones intentionally if it’s a part of performance doesn’t have negative scores of course, but if it’s because of losing balance it results in losing scores.

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