Speed Slalom rules- number 13

Matin Tahmasebi from Tehran:
How would the moves which are not included in the chart be scored in battle and classic competitions? As an example, ‏toe shift outside edge backside.
Answer: since there is a wide variety of moves, some of them are not included in the matrix chart. ‏Toe shift outside edge backside belongs to the “wheeling” category. Moreover, it belongs to the part “A”. This move would be scored according to the difficulty and the judge’s view.
There are other moves which follow the same rule as well.
For instance, one cone 7 is included in the spins category, in the “B” part while one cone one wheel spin which is commonly performed is not included in the chart. Clearly, it goes under the category of spins so it would be scored accordingly.
There are many moves not included in the chart; the best thing to do is to find their categories.
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