How is Speed Slalom ?

In this branch, the players from worst to best ranked compete.
Everyone start from 12 meters before the cones from the start box with the permission of the referee and passes through 20 cones and his best time is calculated for K.O (double competition).
For each error (cone encounter) that the player does, 0.2 seconds is added to his time, and if he has five or more errors, he loses his round.
If it runs through the cone, it is an error. Note that even not passing the cone and lose it counts as error.
After time trial, players compete against each other, and the best player with the weakest one start in the two rows with the referee’s permission.
For the next step the change lines and go for the second round and if they get the same result they go for the third round.
From each group one player goes to the next level and it continues until final.
Note: If there are two legs on the ground when entering the cones, three of the first cones will be calculated as error,  and if it continues, the player loses his round and  In the meantime, this applies only to the first three cones, and in the middle of the cones and other parts, putting the second  leg on the ground even for a moment causes the player to lose his round.

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