Freestyle Speed Slalom Skating Competition ( National Team Selection 2017)

Freestyle Speed Slalom national team selection competition hosted by Hamedan Skating on 11/MAY/2017, ended by identifying top players.
This competition were held in Men and Women categories.
Top players in this competition are as follows:
Men 10-12 years old:
۱- Sobhan Khosravani (Isfahan City)
۲- Ario Bijad (Mazandaran City)
۳- Nima Mokhtari (Isfahan City)
Men 12-14 years old:
۱- Amihossein Mohammad Zaheri (Hamedan City)
۲- Mohammad Parsa Moradi Shahbaz (Hamedan City)
۳- Alireza Agha Mohammadi (Isfahan City)
Men 14-16 years old:
۱- Ali Aeini (Hamedan City)
۲- Shahin Roohollahi (Isfahan City)
۳- Behrad Taghavi (Tehran City)
Men over 16 years old:
۱- Farbod Motevasel (Tehran City)
۲- Mohammad Hossein Monsef (Mazandaran City)
۳- Ali Jahani (Alborz City)
Women 10-12 years old:
۱- Aylar Bahar Looi (Isfahan City)
۲- Haniyeh Navidi (Hamedan City)
۳- Bahar Sadat Saber Ali (Isfahan City)
Women 12-14 years old:
۱- Mojdeh Yavari (Isfahan City)
۲- Mojdeh Shabani (Mazandaran City)
۳- Sheyda Roohollahi (Isfahan City)
Women 14-16 years old:
۱- Mahsa Heydari (Isfahan City)
۲- Setayesh Nasr (Isfahan City)
۳- Atena Hosseini (Hamedan City)
Women over 16 years old:
۱- Zahra Sadat Hosseini (Isfahan City)
۲- Bahar Nekoogol (Isfahan City)
۳- Zohre Gholami (Isfahan City)
Referees who judged this tournament are as follows:
Behrooz Afzali (Chief Referee)
Mehran Tajeri (Starter)
Mohammad Rasoolian (Barrier Referee)
Rasool Nezarati (Barrier Referee)
Saam Alizadeh (Barrier Referee)
Alborz Masoodi (Barrier Referee)
Mahdis Jamshidi Tehranian (Chief Referee)
Taban Davoodi (Sensors)
Atefeh Fazaeli (Anformatic)
Seyedeh Mahsa Seyed Abdollahi (Starter)
Marjan Shabani (Referee)
Seyedeh Zahra Afzali (Referee)
Fatemeh Maleki (Referee)
Mojgan Yavari (Referee)
Individuals who participated in Thailand’s world competition last year are invited to the national team urdu.
Ms. Niloofar Abbasi
Ms. Taraneh Ahmadi
Ms. Zahra Bagherzadeh
Ms. Laaya Arabi
Ms. Mina Abedini
Mr. Amir Mohammad Savari
Mr. Reza Lesani
Mr. Ali Shojaei
Mr. Saeed Davoodi
Mr. Sajjad Mohammadi Sasan
According to Iran Freestyle report, this competition was with the presence of Ms. Kakavand ( Responsible for Freestyle committee, and technical supervisor of the competition)
In the national team selection competition, Laaya Arabi , a national team player, who honored time, changed the country time trail (4.633 s without errors)
Reza Lesani participated in the time trail as well (4.073 s with 3 errors)
Top players in this tournament are invited to the first national team urdu, and they will qualify for the second round of national team selection competition.

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