Freestyle skating rules- number 16

Seyyed Mohsen Bakhshian from Kashan:
How are the moves which are not performed completely scored?
Would any score be given to the skater?
Answer: as it was mentioned before, in spin moves, the skater must rotate 3 times and in non-spin moves, the skater must pass 4 cones.
The skater who couldn’t pass 4 cones wouldn’t get the score but their move would be recorded since for going to the next level, the players are chosen by being compared with others. For instance, one skater performs the toe move but passes 3 cones while another skater cannot perform any move; definitely, the skater who performed the toe move goes to the next level.
All moves would be recorded, no matter how difficult, wrong or correct they are.
Note: for the incomplete moves to be recorded, at least 3 cones must be passed for non-spin moves and the spin moves must have at least 2 rotations.
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