Football Skating competition with the title of “ Ramadan Cup”

The section of the Enghelab Freestyle Skating Academy plans to host a football skating competition called “Ramadan Cup” for men.
Registration Terms:
۱- The Team has at least 7 participants and a Maximum of 10 participants.
۲- Scooter Sports insurance is required in the year 2017 on the day of the competition.
۳- Parental Consent is required for people under 18 and minimum age for the company is 16 years old.
۴- Send Team cash deposit picture to drdesigner_ir@ in telegram.
۵- Competition entry per person is 600,000 Rials.
The rules are based on the Global Rules of Roller soccer.
Use of safety equipment and helmets is required.
The presence of participants is mandatory 1 hour prior to the start of the competition.
Time: Starting the tournament from Friday (9/ June/ 2017) at 8:30 pm.
Registration steps:
Send Information of the team members along with the team cash deposit to drdesigner_ir@ in telegram.
Registration deadline —-> 7/June/ 2017
Location: A.S.P Skating salon , A.S.P tower, Kordestan highway.
For more information please call: 09203104641
(Amirali Javadi)

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